by Bertie

May 15, 2022

Following your dreams is a lonely road, but the less travelled road is just that; we cannot all tread the same route. When you feel the pangs of despair or sadness, know that we are with you — all the others out there in the world — choosing to be who they were born to be!

With love & respect — Bertie

Above is a quote that I wrote for my website, and after publishing it, I thought it might resonate with people: I posted it on my social media, and I was correct. Many people responded, not in a ground-breaking way but with lots of heart and emotion with people who opened up to me. People even went so far as to watch my entire portfolio of films on YouTube.

So, let me briefly introduce myself, as I am brand new to Medium and excited to begin my journey with all of you. My name is Bertie Brosnan, and I am an independent filmmaker and actor. That’s me below at the Cannes Film Festival, representing my two of my short films present in the marketplace there.

The image is not your typical photo of regular life, but I wanted to highlight something following along with the article’s theme. I went to Cannes to sell my short films, and that happened the third time I was there with the help of a sales agent and the marketplace. Success!

But the road leading to this was about ten years, and it’s not a road that many travels.

Everybody wants something, an idealised version of themselves in the future, but to truly succeed at that mission means sacrificing a lot of everyday living, which is a very challenging part of the journey. Society and the System want us comfortable and secure with plenty of distractions. It is built for a mediocre life — this is perfectly fine. But look at the towns & cities on the weekends and ask yourself:

What is actually happening?

It’s the release!

The breaking free of the weekly shackles, the prison gates opened for two days – and you know what, everybody is there waiting, excited and potentially very drunk — and you are too because it’s what everybody does. We work, we sleep, rinse and repeat. See you at the weekend! It’s the road that’s travelled by the many.

So, to pursue a meaningful life with weight and depth that fulfils some vision & purpose means you are on a different clock. You live outside of the ordinary because you cannot do the standard stuff! It’s impossible because the regular living stifles the reality of realising a dream. And we all have them. It’s not to say there’s anything wrong with traditional systematic living; if that’s your goal, and you’ve accomplished it, then you are a success story. Congrats! But for the people who reached out and opened up when I posted that quote, the diversity of the people amazed me; it wasn’t all artists and entrepreneurs; it was mainly people pursuing something else. So, there’s something to be said for that.

It’s not easy to follow your ambition and purpose. It’s lonely to pursue something different. To commit to an idea and stick to it means giving up a lot of ‘regular’ activities, and there’s a risk in that because, in this world, we are judged by the externals; what we have, who we have, and what we are worth. And if our accomplishments don’t equate to society’s very superficially perceived expectations, then automatically, we haven’t succeeded in the eyes of others.

So what’s the answer to all this?

You can never, ever, ‘Give Up!’

If one gives in to the systematic pressure of society and quenches the fire in their heart, then they, I am very sorry to say, are already dead! Exceedingly if deep down, they regret the fact that they gave in. If a person can somehow change their insides and be happy, that’s a success! This article is aimed at the people who have that pure hunger & desire in their souls. I believe people die twice in this life, one when they give up and another when they die. It’s a bitter pill, I know. And trust me, this is not a judgement on people who are entirely forced to give in for some time due to significant responsibilities such as children, family, illness, etc. There is no judgement at all. It’s challenging both ways; we all suffer pain in this life.

It’s a challenging article to write and probably a little dark in places, but there’s hope, more than hope! And that’s the real reason for publishing this article is that I am not giving up; I nearly did. But not now, because I have found my new calling, and that’s to help others achieve their vision. I am a FILMMAKER BY HEART!

I say it proud, and this blog, along with my website and my upcoming book, will, I hope, truly inspire you and guide you in producing your indie film from idea to screen. If you are a filmmaker, maybe you stumbled upon this blog and read it for the message; you are welcome too! Because I will talk about a lot on here that can equate to many other industries and professionals, that’s for sure. I am thrilled to have written my first Medium article. Please do consider following, clapping and leaving a comment. I will respond in time to everyone. Feel free to reach out and follow all my links. I am here for you all. That’s my purpose and aim, so don’t be shy.