Bertie has always been talented either in front or behind the camera. You need both perspectives to have an understanding of filmmaking, and Bertie is definitely the one to shed light on either.




I have read every indie filmmaking book on the planet, it seems. The only two I have read that teach someone valuable knowledge to create a film with literally nothing were "Rebel without a Crew" by Robert Rodriguez and "Filmmaker by Heart" by Bertie Brosnan.



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He’s one of the most talented and knowledgeable people in the industry, and what he lays out here in Filmmaker by Heart is an insightful, practical how-to guide to take a film (even and especially with no money) from concept to completion and even what to do with it afterwards.


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The secret of making films is to get out and make them, low budget or no budget. Making the first one leads to the next one and then one day suddenly you're a filmmaker. This book will help you put the gas pedal down on that process. I wish I had a guide like this in film school; it probably would have saved me a bunch of time and money!


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Do you want to make your own indie film but don’t know where to start?

Filmmaker by Heart tells you everything you need to know about making a film on a budget, from finding your story, gathering your resources and getting your team together to filming and editing. We take you through every step of the process, plus we share with you our 15 years of filmmaking experience so that you can avoid the mistakes we made! Plus, you can learn from our successes, such as selling our short films at Cannes Film Festival & obtaining funds from Art Councils! What separates us from most is that we want you to gain the prestige we got and go much further; we set out realistic expectations and focus on the art form with the backbone of entrepreneurial filmmaking.

How are we so confident? Because we have been there and done it with the portfolio to back it up. New filmmakers need to become proficient film producers hellbent on producing films to leverage that portfolio from day one. From there, you can go on to realise your bigger dreams.

The book includes links to the Filmmaker by Heart exclusive drive specifically used by the author Bertie Brosnan. He uses real-world examples to explain his processes from getting the idea and bringing that to the screen. Bertie’s complete portfolio of films is there for you to download and study. All his schedules, budgets, screenplays, contracts, release forms and anything else you need for filmmaking. Bertie has included a vast list of resources and a glossary of terms that you can study and use in your filmmaking education.The author has written, produced, directed and acted in dozens of indie film projects, including television programmes, internationally distributed award-winning feature films and many commercial projects. Bertie has sold his short films and won several arts and filmmaking bursaries. His work continues in film.


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About the Author.

Bertie Brosnan is a prolific Irish screenwriter, film producer, actor and screen director. Bertie's films have been described as thought-provoking, profound and artistic. Influenced by Lynch, Kubrick, Nolan, Refn, Fincher & Gibson. His films have been distributed worldwide through broadcasters and online streaming platforms. And he has been personally awarded arts and filmmaking bursaries and nominations for his work in short filmmaking. 

Continuously developing more notable and significant projects for the future, Brosnan has also turned his attention to helping others achieve their realistic goals quickly in Indie Filmmaking. Find out more here at Filmmaker by Heart.

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