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Fifteen years of Indie Filmmaking experience, research and practice condensed to help you make your independent film.

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Fifteen years indie filmmaking experience, research and practice condensed to help you make your independent film! 

Bertie Brosnan directing on the set of his award-winning short film SINEATER

What is Filmmaker by Heart?

Bertie Brosnan, the creator of Filmmaker by Heart has almost 15 years of experience working, studying & researching the TV & Film industry from the inside out. Everything learned is distilled and presented to you through various formats & mediums to help you start your Indie Film Career TODAY!

Cast and Crew of Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

Here are some of the main topics that will be taught and discussed (this list is not exhaustive, we will discuss a whole array of film-related topics):

  • How to write, produce & direct narrative films (not just videos!)
  • Becoming a writer, director and maybe even an actor with zero experience, contacts & funds!
  • Working with little-to-no budget!
  • No significant tech skills, film school education, or capital? That's exactly how I started!
  • Learn exactly how to post-produce, distribute & sell your films through proven channels while walking the red-carpets!

Who is Bertie?

Bertie Brosnan is an Irish screenwriter, film producer, actor and screen director. He was born in Tralee, the capital of County Kerry, in the Republic of Ireland.

Filmmaker By Heart was born for his love of service and giving back to his local & international community. He wants to find & create the next crop of Filmmakers by Heart!  

Bertie continues his work in editing, writing and developing his future projects.  

Find out more about him on his wikipedia page, IMDb page or portfolio website.

Bertie has directed numerous films

Filmmaker by Heart will teach you exactly what you need to do to begin your indie film career today by creating films just like these!

what is said abouT 'FILMMAKER BY HEART'

Bertie has always been talented either in front or behind the camera.   You need both perspectives to have an understanding of filmmaking, and Bertie is definitely the one to shed light on either.

Stephen Cunnane

Animator, The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones

Bertie offers his invaluable experience using real world examples for an industry notoriously difficult to navigate. As Bertie is well-experienced as an actor, writer, director, and producer, there is a ton of information to absorb, which makes it a handy guide to refer back to on your filmmaking journey.

Chris Kato

Filmmaker, Writer & Actor, Ghostbuster: Station 6, Vengeance Girl, Incision

I have read every indie filmmaking book on the planet, it seems. The only two I have read that teach someone valuable knowledge to create a film with literally nothing were "Rebel without a Crew" by Robert Rodriguez and 'Filmmaker by Heart' by Bertie Brosnan. Anyone can regurgitate information they gained from reading someone else's regurgitation (and they all do), which is just watered down and a much cheaper film school, which is just another brick in the wall, selling the same silver screened unattainable dreams. Brosnan has taken an actual, proven, hard-earned know-how to make cinema-quality, distributed indie films and put the exact methods he used. 'Filmmaker by Heart' is a real, how-to film school in a book for the filmmaker who wants to accomplish films, not dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. It's the exact way to achieve the often back busting work while using your brain. I mean that Brosnan teaches you how to engage your resources and wits to figure it out for yourself. Not copy someone's steps from a blueprint.

Jesse Steele

Owner of Eastern Sierra Now, and actor, filmmaker

Bertie provides a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources sourced from well over a decade of solid indie filmmaking and acting. Filmmaker by Heart should be a main stay for any filmmaking student no matter where they are in the world.

Michael O' Sullivan

Actor, Con & Nameless

The secret of making films is to get out and make them, low budget or no budget. Making the first one leads to the next one and then one day suddenly you're a filmmaker. Filmmaker by Heart will help you put the gas pedal down on that process. I wish I had a guide like this in film school; it probably would have saved me a bunch of time and money!

George Russell

Documentary Filmmaker & TV Production Contractor


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